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Why Physiotherapy?

As an owner you know your animal better than anyone, you will notice subtle changes in their behaviour and performance a long time before there are any obvious signs that they are in pain. It is at this point physiotherapy can help you both, the sooner soreness is treated the sooner your animal will be feeling its best and treated at this point it won’t develop into big problems.


If your animal is suffering from a specific condition, it is very likely physiotherapy will help or if your animal has undergone surgery physiotherapy can optimise healing. Contact me to discuss.


A very common misconception is physiotherapy only has a role if your animal has had an injury this couldn’t be further from the truth. Prevention is always better than cure, regular physiotherapy as a maintenance and injury prevention has so many benefits for your animal which will feel its best with a healthy balanced muscloskeletal system.

Regular physiotherapy –

  • Increases physical and mental relaxation

  • Improves performance and behaviour

  • Increases joint range of movement

  • Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Increases flexibility, elasticity and suppleness of soft tissues

  • Reduces muscular soreness, tension and stiffness

  • Reduces the risk of injury

  • Identifies and addresses small issues before they affect performance and cause lasting damage

I would recommend regular maintenance physiotherapy treatments for your healthy animal; for which I offer a loyalty scheme that gives you the forth of your regular 3 monthly treatments half price.


Apart from the physical benefits physiotherapy offers; animals also enjoy therapy a subject I researched for my dissertation. Massage relaxes animals lowering their heart rate.

Physiotherapy is scientifically proven to promote and optimise conditions for healing, prevent injury, reduce muscle tension and soreness, alleviate lameness, improve temperament and behaviour and therefore help keep your animal healthy and happy.

Everything in the body is interlinked, so a problem in one area will have knock on effects elsewhere so physiotherapy always treats the whole body. For the body to work at its optimum it must be unrestricted in any area.


Physiotherapy is beneficial in a vast a ray of circumstances, many you will never of thought of, along with many more these include –

  • Routine treatment

  • Release of muscle spasm, tightness and strain

  • Prevention and treatment of muscle atrophy

  • Treatment of damaged tendons and ligaments

  • Treatment of orthopaedic conditions

  • Ease arthritic pain and slow degeneration

  • Optimise conditions for wound healing

  • Optimise repair of fractures

  • Optimise conditions for post-operative repair

  • Rehabilitation after injury

  • Reduces oedema and bruising

  • Optimise and maintain joint range of movement and muscle tone

  • Assist wound repair to reduce scarring and proud flesh

  • And so much more



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