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Bethany Messruther Dip.A.Phys. is an animal physiotherapist qualified through the collage of Animal Physiotherapy passing with merit; offering a wide range of physiotherapy treatments including massage, stretching, therapeutic ultrasound, phototherapy, pulsed magnetic therapy and rehabilitation exercise plans. Bethany has always had a passion for and a very strong natural aptitude with all animals and background of experience with a wide range of animals from horses, dogs and cats to exotics including owls, parrots, lizards and tortoises. Always going above and beyond to ensure their health and happiness. Having learnt to ride as a young child, she went on to work at local riding schools caring for the needs of all the riding school horses and many liveries including successful show jumpers alongside being the permanent groom to Egyptian Arab show ponies. Bethany has always had dogs at home and has trained her rescue german shepherd in obedience and agility winning numerous awards at the local dog training club and local shows. She has cared for a range of dogs and other animals as a pet sitter and dog walker; alongside many years of experience working in a local veterinary practice in a veterinary nursing assistant capacity.

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