Reduced rate for continual treatment appointments in cases of conditions in need of regular treatment 

I am happy to treat any animal for prices for animals not listed please contact me to discuss.

Horses (and other large animals)

Consultation including all treatment £50




I am happy to treat any animal, please contact me to discuss your requirements and book an appointment.


All treatments are carried out under veterinary referral in accordance with the 1962 Veterinary Surgery (exemption) Order.


Most insurance companies now cover physiotherapy in their policies, it is always worth you checking your policy or giving them a call. In the case of an insurance claim ideally I would ask you to pay as we go along and claim the costs back from the insurance.


Payment is due at time of treatment.


Travelling costs will be added.


Routine Maintenance Physio Loyalty Scheme


Physiotherapy works best as a part of your animals regular healthcare so I am pleased to offer you a loyalty scheme to help you give your animal the numerous benefits it offers.


You will be given a loyalty card at your first treatment, each time your animal has a treatment it will be signed giving you their 4th treatment half price.

Your loyalty card is valid for 3 monthly from your animal's last treatment.

Rent a Magetopulse


A Magetopulse which delivers phototherapy and pulsed electromagnetic therapy treatments can be hired at £45 a week.


These therapys in some cases can provide fantastic results used over a period of time under the guidance of a physiotherapist if it is felt this would be a benificial treatment for your animal it will be discussed in the animals treatment.


Alternatively if you are interested in hired the Magetopulse please contact me to discuss.



I am very happy to give talks covering any aspect of animal physiotherapy. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Dogs (and other small animals)

Consultation including all treatment £35




Cats (and other small animals)

Consultation including all treatment £30